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iSEMcon offers a variety of new acoustic
          measurement microphones and associated
          products on a budget. The newly developed
          constant current powered microphones (CCP)
          are well known in the market and compatible
          with equipment from other manufacturers.

          Other proprietary names*1 for the same
          interface are ICP®, IEPE®, Deltatron®,
          AcoTron®, Isotron®, Piezotron® and more.

          See product overview for reference.

          CCP powered microphones transform the high
          impedance microphone output into a low
          impedance voltage signal (less than 10 Ohms)
          and are capable to drive long cables.

          A big plus under todays EMI (Electromagnetic
          Interference) requirements. All our microphones
          are fully ESD protected. The EMM-07/13D080-CCP
          also available with Phantom power option
          (EMM-07/13D080-P48) has High Energy Surge
          protection built-in.

          Acoustic measurement products.
          Sound level and sound quality
          analysis on a budget.
            Sound power testing
            Noise and vibration analysis
            Home theater treatment

          iSEMcon microphones vs our competitor.

            Competitive pricing
            Superior performance
                 improved linearity
                 greater stability

                  IEC61672 class 1 frequency response
          Our microphones are known to have an IEC61672 class
          1 frequency response or being close to the class 1 limits.
          This should not be misunderstood. The entire
          microphone while build from electret condenser capsules
          using a metalized polypropylene  diaphragm is not        iSEMcon offers a large variety of acoustic
          class 1.                                                 measurement products such as electret and
          Many competitive products even sold for USD 1000 are     traditional prepolarized condenser microphones
          using such prepolarized mylar diaphragm microphone       together with adapters, cables and signal
          cartridges.                                              conditioning equipment.
          Summarized: IEC 61672 class 1 addresses also the
          temperature and pressure behavior and is not only limited
          to “domestic” conditions and frequency response

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