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EMM-7101 series                                         works from
                                                                      Constant Current Power (CCP)
                         (* ICP™, IEPE, DeltaTron™, CCP, ISOTRON™ compati-  Phantom Power (PH)
                                                                      By the use of an connector adapter
                           TYPICAL APPLICATIONS                       (no signal converter necessary

                              measurements                                  FEATURES CSTB-Version
                              measurements                               Frequency range 10…20000Hz
                              Sound-power and                            Sensitivity 30mV/Pa typ.
                              sound-field analysis                       Signal polarity: positive
                              Low-cost in-car                            Dynamic range 30… >125dBspl
                              measurements                               3% distortion limit >130dBspl typ.
                              Industrial Acoustics                       Built-in TEDS (template 27)
                                                                         on CD
                           The iSEMcon® Array Microphone                 Excellent amplitude and phase matching
                           EMM-7101-CSTB is an                           SMB connector
                           economically priced prepolarized              CCP or Phantom Power
                           microphone for single and multi               Dimensions: diameter ¼” (7mm)
                           channel measurements in arrays                length w/ connector 4” (101mm)
                           and matrices. It is a full featured           Weight 0.3oz (9grams)
                           product with integrated CCP-
                           Preamplifier and programmed                   DIFFERENCE CHTB Version
                           TEDS-chip (Template 27). The
                           long 4” body minimizes the                    Sensitivity 6mV/Pa typ.
                           sound field influence from                    Signal polarity: positive
                           holding clamp or array mechanics.             Dynamic range 30… >140dBspl
                                                                         3% distortion limit >145dBspl typ.

                 SPECIFICATIONS                           Values for:  4mA  CCP; 21V excitation voltage;  23° Celsiu

              PERFORMANCE                                            ENVIRONMENTAL
                Frequency Response characte-    Free-Field           Operating Temperature   -10…+55°
                 ristic                                             range
                Polarization Voltage            Prepolarized         Storage Temperature    -20…+70°
                Nominal Sensitivity @1kHz       See order info       Operating Humidity Ran-  0…90%r.H.

                Microphone Polarity             See order info       Axial Vibration Sensitivity   ~ 50dB
                Frequency Response calibrated   10…20.000
                Frequency Response   ± 1dB      50…8000 Hz           PHYSICAL
                                   ± 2dB        20…12000            Housing Material        Stainless Steel
                                   ± 3dB        10…18000            Sealing                 Polyurethane/Epoxy
                Phase Match 100-5000 Hz         ± 5°                Output Connector        SMB coaxial socket
                Inherent Noise100-10000 Hz      <30dB typ.          Dimensions              Ø ¼“(7mm) x 4“(101mm)
                Inherent Noise 1/3 Oct.         <15dB typ.          Weight                  0.3 oz  (9g)

                Dynamic Range (3% distortion) typ.   See order info      CONFORMITY
                                                                    IEC 61000-6-1
                Constant Current  Power         2…20 mA
                Constant Current Power  nominal   4 mA               SPECIAL FUNCTIONALITY
                Excitation Voltage              18…30V              TEDS (IEEE 1451.4)      Template 27 prog.
                Output Bias Voltage             7 ± 2 V             ESD protection          30kV
                Output Impedance                <10 Ω
                Phantom Power (requires XLRmale   12…52Vdc
                to BNC connector adapter)                                                                                     Page 7
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