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cable. The microphone does not require an elec-
                                                                 tronic signal converter. There are no limitations in
                                                                 functionality or loss in signal quality

                 The iSEMcon® EMM-7101-C#T# series consists
                 of a special ICP and Phantom Power compatible
                 circuitry. The built-in prepolarized microphone
                 cartridge controls an AC/DC-Zener Diode cir-
                 cuitry with an output impedance as low as 10
                 Ohms (as per circuitry simulation). This is very
                 unique and new in the market and makes the
                 microphone compatible to Constant Current
                 power (ICP) as well as Phantom Power without
                 loss in functionality and signal quality and almost
                 independent from source impedance.
                 It also has a TEDS EEPROM built-in being fully
                 compatible with the IEEE1451.4 standard.

                 Data as per IEEE 1451.4
                 TEDS IC:DS2431  Serial:0000028DFD06
                 Basic TEDS
                 Check Sum:C9         Version letter:@         while being powered from  Phantom Power. Micro-
                 Manu ID:             Version number:1         phone sensitivity is almost independent from powe-
                 Model No: 30010   Serial number: 121001
                 Standard Template TEDS                        source (less than 1 dBmV)
                 Selector:0           Polarity  :positive
                 Template:27          Mapping   :0
                 Sel Case:0           Sig Type  :0         Power Source       18V       21V       30V
                 Sens    :30,9        AC/DC     :1         ICP  2mA           30,18mV   30,22mV   30,31mV
                 Ref Freq:989         Cal Date  :23.12.2010
                 Polar   :Prepolarized   Cal init  :FRA    ICP 4mA            30,37mV   30,46mV   30,52mV
                 Sel Case:0           Cal period:0         ICP 10mA           30,64mV   30,78mV   30,82mV
                 Mic Type:Free        Loc ID    :0
                 Mic Size:1/4"        Selector  :3         Phantom 48V / 6,8kΩ                              30,60mV
                 Volume  :0           End Select:0
                 Sel Case:0                                Phantom 24V / 2,4kΩ                              30,49mV
                                                           Phantom 12V / 2,4kΩ                              29,93mV
                 The microphone powers from Constant
                 Current Power (ICP™, IEPE, DeltaTron™, CCP,   Note: While applying phantom power the TEDS functionality
                 ISOTRON™, AcoTron™ compatible *1) or from
                 Phantom Power (12..52Vdc) by the use of an    is not available.
                 XLR to BNC connector adapter or XLR to SMB

                Ordering information  : EMM-7101-series
                                                       Sensitivity, typ.   Max. SPL,    Signal po-   Connector
                  Order No.           Name             mV @ 94dBspl  3% distortion limit   larity
                   130014      EMM-7101/S-CCP/A-T           30            125 (130)    Non inverting    SMA
                   130015      EMM-7101/H-CCP/A-T            6            140 (145)      inverting      SMA

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